New Mural in the Crossroads

The Crossroads is a little brighter with a new mural at the corner of Byng Avenue and Danforth Avenue.  “Pollination of Oakridge” was designed and painted by De Anne Lamirande of AirWays Airbrushing with the support of the Crossroads Business Improvement Area, through the City of Toronto Outside Mural Grant Program. Skillfully painted on the wall of Chopsticks Chinese Foods, a family owned and run business since 1955. Lily’s were selected to pay as tribute to the new family owner Lili, also bees and a Monarch butterfly were incorporated in the design to bring awareness to saving them. De Anne cares deeply for the environment, and what we can do to make the city a better place. Sharing art with the community is a wonderful way to inspire others, and create involvement, a community event was also a part of this mural as area residents and children added their own brush strokes to the mural. Completed Oct. 2016 and selected as best mural by TABIA ( The Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas).